A School for the underprivileged children (Regd No: E16(RS) 30/200/347)

Every child in need is our messenger from God "






Housed in an abandoned dormitory on the St.Edmund’s School campus, the society of Providence continuously struggles to live out its visions and be true to its mandate.

From its humbly beginning in 1999, the society under the guidance and leadership of Bro. Eric D’Souza have seen a considerable growth in the scope of its activities. Formed to work exclusively with children below the poverty line, the society have made considerable progress.

When the school first started, it has 30 underprivileged children—  children who have single parent, children form broken homes etc. Mandated to empower poor children with skills that will make them self– reliant and independent young people, the society currently serves 150 students directly. The students range in age from 5 to 16 years and belong to various religious communities and religious group. Their entitlement to be trained and taught under the Providence umbrella comes from the fact that their parents earn less than Rs.800 a month. Hence everything received in Providence is free.

The society has no regular form of income. Our income depends on the generosity of donors. The donated money is used to pay the academic and vocational staff, to provide the daily stationery and other requirements of a classroom, to maintain the building and to provide raw materials for the trades. The rest is put into a corpus to ensure the continuance of the society.